Nancy & Jason Unger

A long-time collaborative pair, Nancy and Jason Unger, have been working on a body of new work that celebrates their need to find beauty in their surroundings, taking images from their lives, their neighborhoods and experiences.

Fantastic and mundane imagery merge with lush wood to create installations of multiple images that are dimensional, meaningful and visually exciting.

Their work has been shown at Artprize, The Worcester Center for Craft and is held in private and corporate collections.

Nancy has been developing her fine art photography for 20+ years. The early part of her career was spent creating and showing feminist work in the then wild East Village. In addition to her continued fine art images, she has worked as a studio photographer for advertising as well as being represented by a premier stock photography house.

Jason has spent 20 years of his career creating and designing campaigns, environmental design and products for clients including Sony, The Home Depot, The United Nations, Colgate-Palmolive and Heineken USA.